Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has spoken in the recent interview with Gibson and made a huge statement about Eddie Van Halen.

In the conversation, Tony has mentioned that Eddie used to visit them during their ‘Never Say Die!’ tour with Van Halen in 1978, and he was asking lots of questions in the backstage.

After that, Van Halen started to bring new arrangements for their shows just like Black Sabbath. Because of this, Tony blamed Eddie for stealing their ideas.

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“Van Halen toured with us for eight or nine months. They really liked… Eddie’s one of my best friends now, we still stay in touch, but he used to come in my room, pick your brains, you know?

They sort of asked, ‘What’s this like? What’s that like?’ And for them, it was learning more information.”

Tony continued:

“It was enjoyable, but then it got a bit too much. Because they started their show, or they were going on first, and they were gradually learning things from us and doing the same sort of arrangement in their show.

And I got really annoyed one night; I said, ‘Hey, Eddie, are you gonna play a couple of songs off our new album tomorrow?’. He went, ‘Hey, man, we love you guys.’ And it got our fly there – it was just a bit of sarcasm. It was great.”

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