Black Sabbath took the decision to say goodbye to music and went on the farewell tour. Soon the tour will end. But Black Sabbath is likely to return to music again.

Legendary guitarist and band leader Tony Iommi said they would be able to go back to music and even record a new album. Speaking with “Talk Is Jericho”, the guitarist said:

Shows here and there are fine. It’s just the constant, ‘You’ve gotta be here for a month, and there for six weeks’ – we’ve done it for that long now. It was only when I got ill, that’s when I stated getting vulnerable. Before that, I could do anything.

But it just showed me when I was diagnosed, I suddenly felt deflated and lost a lot of confidence. And they’re going, ‘You shouldn’t be flying, really,’ and, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this, you shouldn’t be doing that.’ So that’s what brought that about – the end of this, really, because the constant touring does eventually get to you.

I wouldn’t write [one-off shows] off, if one day that came about. That’s possible. Or even doing an album, ’cause then, again, you’re in one place. But I don’t know if that would happen.”

You can watch one of Black Sabbath’s farewell shows from below.