Black Sabbath mastermind and also the creator of the metal music, Tony Iommi has shared a new video that includes a claim that they are revealing the secret of Tony’s guitar tone.

You can read the headline and description that the creator of the video used in the video below.

“Tony Iommi used this on Black Sabbath’s biggest hit? The secrets to classic Black Sabbath tone revealed!”

Tony responded to the claims on the video with a tweet on his verified account and said:

“Totally wrong information about using my neck pick up for the rhythm sound and using a right-handed guitar upside down for the recording of the first album ..where do they get it from.”

A fan named Studio Chojin responded to Tony:

“I’m so glad someone is finally calling out the bogus info these channels put out. You’re the man Tony!”

Another fan named Michael said:

“Well, Sir,

Unfortunately, we are living in the age of abundant misinformation, sadly the masses appear to swallow it whole.

🙏Good day to you Tony, you are a blessing.”

You can reach the tweet of Tony below. And also the video too.