The iconic guitarist of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi has recalled the great memories about his longtime friend and legendary musician Eddie Van Halen as revealing the Black Sabbath song he couldn’t play well enough Eddie.

During the recent interview he gave to the Rolling Stone, Iommi has spoken about one of his closest friends, Eddie Van Halen, whose passing has grieved the whole music industry since the past Tuesday, October 6.

After Eddie’s family members, Tony Iommi has become one of the first people who took social media to explain the unique place of Eddie Van Halen in his life and to state how devastated he is.

Iommi defined Eddie Van Halen as one of a very special kind of person, a really great friend, a brilliant guitar player who was idolized by millions of fans and a lovely human being on his heartbreaking Instagram statement.

Most recently, he has talked on the Rolling Stone magazine and disclosed the fact that Eddie co-wrote the Black Sabbath song, ‘Evil Eye,’ on the band’s 1994 album ‘Cross Purposes.’

Iommi said when they were doing the album, Van Halen was playing in Birmingham. He added he went to see Eddie and invited him to the rehearsal. After playing some of the Sabbath stuff for Eddie Van Halen, Iommi revealed Eddie played the solo of ‘Evil Eye.’

When Tony, himself, tried to duplicate that, he couldn’t manage it, he admitted. The great guitarist ended up his words by saying that Eddie Van Halen had probably one of the biggest influences that you could have on people, from his generation onwards.

‘Evil Eye’ by Black Sabbath is the tenth track of the band’s seventeenth studio album, ‘Cross Purposes,’ which was released in January 1994. It was written by Butler, Iommi, Martin, and Eddie Van Halen, who was not credited, due to restrictions from his record label, Warner Bros. Records.

Here’s what Tony Iommi said about ‘Evil Eye’:

“When we were doing ‘Cross Purposes,’ Van Halen was playing in Birmingham. Obviously, I went to see him, and we were rehearsing. I said, ‘You ought to come down to rehearsal if you want.’ ‘Oh, can I?’ I said, ‘I’ll pick you up from the hotel.’

I said, ‘Let’s go and get a guitar.’ We went down to the music shop in Birmingham. I said, ‘Can you lend us a guitar for Eddie?’ And of course, they went, ‘Oh, oh, wha’?’ So Eddie came in with me, and we got one of his guitars, his own model.

And he came to rehearsal. We played some of the Sabbath stuff for him. One of his favorites was ‘Into The Void,’ strangely enough. We played that and we went back to writing. I think it was ‘Evil Eye,’ and I said, ‘Go on, you play the solo on this.’

He did and it was really great. When we recorded it, of course, I tried to duplicate that, but I couldn’t.”

He also said about Eddie Van Halen:

“He’s had probably one of the biggest influences that you could have on people, from his generation onwards. He came up with something completely different.

How hard is that, to come up with something different guitar-wise? I think he’s inspired so many people. There’s millions of people out there all trying to do that tapping stuff and play like Eddie and play Eddie’s solos.

I think he’s had a huge impression on millions and millions of guitar players.”

You can see the source here and listen to ‘Evil Eye’ below.