During a recent question and answer session on Facebook, Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist Tony Iommi has revealed the reason of why he’s jealous of Led Zeppelin.

A Russian fan on Facebook asked:

“Tony, what is the one great rock or metal song that you didn’t write, but you wish you had?”

Tony has a simple response to fan as follows:

“Kashmir (from Led Zeppelin)”

You can see the tweet of Tony below. Also you can listen to the song below.

Another fan asked:

“With love from your devoted Russian fans! Just one question, what setup did you use in the introduction to the “Under The Sun”? We are interested in the technical details etc. We would be much grateful because the sound there is astonishing.”

Tony replied:

“Nothing special – Cherry Red Gibson SG, Laney amp, treble booster, same set-up as the first two albums.”

Check out the tweet below.