In an interview with Metal Hammer, Black Sabbath‘s legendary drummer Bill Ward talked about the band’s iconic song ‘War Pigs‘ from the 1970 album ‘Paranoid‘ and revealed their real intention by recording the song.

On September 18, 1970, Black Sabbath released their second studio album ‘Paranoid,’ which became one of the most influential albums in the development of the heavy metal music. The album included some of the band’s signature songs like ‘War Pigs‘ and ‘Iron Man.’

Recently, Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward joined an interview with Metal Hammer and shared his opinions on the iconic album ‘Paranoid.’ Ward mentioned how hard they all worked to record this album so that they could create something different and unique.

Furthermore, Bill Ward talked about the famous song ‘War Pigs‘ which was usually considered as a song against war. However, during the interview, Bill stated that their purpose for creating a song like ‘War Pig’ was actually to protest the people who caused the wars.

Here’s how Bill Ward explained the actual message they wanted to give with ‘War Pigs’:

“War Pigs is a protest song: not anti-war, but against the people who create the wars, and put all the young men and women in harm’s way. War is an incredible responsibility, and they know that people are going to get killed.

In this song, we were talking about the Vietnam war. The counterculture of a few years before had slammed the same political voices, but Sabbath made a far more aggressive musical statement. Ozzy’s delivery on this song, and all these songs, is just brilliant.”

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