Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack shared a post on his official Twitter account to ask fans to stop using his images to spew mean and hateful comments on the Internet.

Andy Biersack dabbled in a solo project in 2016. Under the moniker ‘Andy Black,’ he released an album titled ‘The Shadow Side.’ This solo project encompassed a distinctively different sound than Black Veil Brides’, and although he released an album, this project was more of a side hustle than something he worked on full time. His full-time gig with Black Veil Brides released their sixth album, titled ‘The Phantom Tomorrow,’ in 2021.

Social media has taken a toll on many artists in the industry. Biersack has been in the public eye for a long time, either with his work with Black Veil Brides or his solo work as Andy Black. However, he believes he hasn’t been able to portray his true self to his fans.

Biersack stated that he noticed that his fans were using his pictures as their avatars to spread hateful and mean words on the Internet. He added that people had misunderstood him during his time in the music industry. Biersack noted that if they wanted to troll the Internet, they had to do it without images of his face. He didn’t forget to thank his fans for letting him have this life and explained that most of his fans are great people, but sometimes it’s tough to deal with fame.

Andy Biersack Tweeted a message, and it read:

“I don’t mean this to sound self-aggrandizing or as if I think I am some saint or better than anyone else, but I just needed to say this. I sometimes see posts from people using photos of me as their avatar, and they are spewing such mean and hateful shit that it breaks my f*cking heart.

In those moments, it’s hard not to feel that some have entirely missed the message I hoped to convey with my art. There’s no way to know how your work will be received. It’s not up to me to tell you how to interpret things you listen to. While I know I have no say in this matter; I want to be clear. You are incorrect if you think I’m okay with using an image of me to represent yourself to the world and then continue being an asshole on the internet. If your daily activities involve any of the shit mentioned above, please leave my face out of it.

He added:

“I realize this doesn’t apply to the vast majority of you, and never once have I met a fan who was anything but kind in person. The truth is that I wouldn’t have a career to speak of without all of you. Still, sometimes, it’s too much to handle to see my face associated with such baseless cruelty and bullying. Please consider not spending your time attacking people you don’t know.

I know and appreciate how fortunate I am. I’m just fed up with a particular group of individuals who have made social media a place I never want to visit these days. If you are someone who has spent so much time on aggression and conspiracy and hate, consider we are all just people doing our best, and you never know the effect you’re having on someone’s mental health with this type of shit. I wish you all nothing but love.”

You can see Andy Biersack’s message posted on Twitter below.