Former Iron Maiden singer (1994 – 1999) Blaze Bayley had a recent conversation with Rockfield Publications Scotland and shared an untold story about his first audition for Iron Maiden.

He also shared his feelings about why it was very surprising that they chose him to be the singer.

Here is the interview (transcribed by BlabberMouth):

“Maiden were holding auditions for the new singer. And I said, ‘I’ll have a go for it.’ And I did. I think they had 1,500 demos that they had listened to, and then there were, like, the 12 disciples that were chosen for the audition.

And I was lucky I was one of those 12. You went to the studio to sing live. There were 10 songs that were in the set at the time – 10 of the classics that you had to learn – and I went and I’d done my best.

And I was very, very surprised that they chose me to be the singer because my voice is so different from Bruce [Dickinson]. We did look a little bit alike, but our voices were radically different.

But I think what it was they wanted a change, and the albums that I did, [1995’s] ‘The X Factor’ and [1998’s] ‘Virtual XI’, that was the real start of the progressive era of Iron Maiden, and I learned so much about songwriting and about my voice. “And it was an incredible, incredible experience. The music that we came up with was just fantastic, I think.”

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