Former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley recalled when he was the band’s singer and talked about Bruce Dickinson’s behaviors toward him after his departure in his recent interview with Metal Pilgrim.

Paul Di’Anno was fired from Iron Maiden because of his severe drug addiction that seriously harmed the band’s reputation, and the band even had to cancel some of their shows. Therefore Iron Maiden needed a new frontman, and they decided to recruit Bruce Dickinson in 1981.

The Iron Maiden members admired Dickinson’s voice so much that he was immediately hired. During his era, the band produced their most successful and popular works, which can be considered as the beginning of Iron Maiden’s golden times, but the singer wanted to leave the band to pursue a solo career after more than a decade.

Thus, the remaining members listened to hundreds of tapes to choose their new frontman but then convinced Blaze Bayley to join the audition after appreciating his performance in Wolfsbane in 1984. However, he was able to stay in the band for five years and was asked to leave following The Virtual XI Tour.

It’s claimed that the main reason behind Bayley’s departure was his vocal issues, and Dickinson returned to Iron Maiden in 1999. During his interview, Bayley stated he’s still friends with the band members and went to see them in their Download Festival performance. The singer highlighted that he had no hard feelings for anyone in the band and that Iron Maiden members treated him well.

Blaze Bayley stated that he has known Bruce Dickinson for a very long time and revealed that he’s a Wolfsbane fan. He also noted that Dickinson has always supported him, and when he released his fourth studio album ‘The Man Who Would Not Die,’ he aired it on his radio show.

In Bayley’s words, he said:

“I don’t think too much about those times and what those guys doing. I’d go and see the guys when I can and I went to see Steve and the British lion looking really really good. I went to see the guys last time they did Download Festival here in the UK. I went to see them.

So we are still friends and there are no hard feelings. I was treated very well by the guys when I left the band and I’ve always been friends with Bruce before Iron Maiden. Bruce was a bit of a Wolfsbane fan and we met up before when I was in Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson was very supportive and after made him with my solo career with my ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ album had his own radio show and got me on there.”

You can check out the interview below.