Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing his new Polaris Slingshot designed by Dub Magazine and himself as part of a designing competition between them and Teyana Taylor.

Polaris Slingshot is a three-wheeled motor vehicle whose first edition was introduced in 2014 and despite the fact that it is defined as a three-wheeled motor vehicle, it also has a resemblance to a car with its side-by-side bucket seats and its look. What separates it from a car is that it has no roof, doors, or side windows.

As you may remember, Travis Barker shared a sneak peek video on his official Instagram page about the Polaris Slingshot building and designing competition in order to design, personalize, and build a Slingshot SL.

Moreover, Dub Magazine, which is an automotive lifestyles magazine, partnered up with Travis Barker and their opponents were The Auto Firm and dancer Teyana Taylor.

Travis Barker recently shared the finished look of his Polaris Slingshot which is all black, look-alike of Batmobile, on his official Instagram page and praised his partner, Dub Magazine. Since this is a competition, Barker asked for his fans to vote for his design.

Here is what Barker said:

Who wants a ride? Dub Magazine really outdid themselves in this #SlingshotBuildOff, head over to Polaris Slingshot and click the link in their bio to vote for our design!”

You can see the Instagram post below.