Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Barker, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and revealed that he has been playing in punk bands since he was 18 years old while saying that his first punk band was Feeble.

Travis Barker is definitely one of the most popular drummers of all time both because he’s very talented and as he leads quite an interesting life. Aside from Blink-182, Travis is also a record producer and a TV star. He has starred in reality shows, done solo albums, and in 2008, he survived a plane crash.

His talents have been appreciated by millions and Rolling Stone referred to him as ‘punks first superstar drummer‘ while ranking him in the ‘100 Greatest Drummers of All Time’ list. As you may know, Barker’s love for drums started out when he was still a kid. His mother bought him his first kit when he was only four years old.

He started taking drum lessons when he was five and later on learned how to play the trumpet, and the piano. After graduating from high school, Barker started working as a trash man in Laguna Beach but also kept pursuing his dream of becoming a rockstar. He played with numerous punk rock bands and his first one was Feeble where he met Chad Larson.

Here’s what he said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“My first punk band FEEBLE, Link in bio ☠️”

Click here to see the video that Travis Barker posted on his Instagram account and you can watch his first punk escapade below.