Blink-182’s successful drummer, Travis Barker, recently posted a video and some photos on his Instagram account, with which he shared his new face tattoo with his fans and followers.

Travis Barker is definitely one of the most popular drummers both because he’s very talented and he has quite an interesting life. As you may know, aside from Blink-182, Travis starred in reality shows, did solo albums, and in 2008, he was even in a plane crash.

Another reason why he is so distinguished from others is that he has more than 100 tattoos. In an interview, Travis had said that the motive behind him getting tattoos was to ensure that he would never work in a regular job and be a regular person. It would be music or nothing as he argues that no one would like to hire a guy who has tattoos everywhere.

Recently, he posted a video and some photos on his Instagram account and he showed off his new face tattoo which is a gorgeous rose, created by the famous tattoo artist, Doctor Woo.

Aside from the compliment comments, a lot of people were also surprised that Travis was so chill while getting a tattoo on his face. Numerous fans and followers asked whether he actually fell asleep while getting the tattoo and others applauded his bravery.

In the caption, Travis simply added a rose emoji referring to his new tattoo and wrote:


You can check out the photo that Travis Barker posted on his Instagram account below.