Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard shared his thoughts about touring with KISS back in the day during an appearance on Full in Bloom.

In the conversation, Albert recalled the times when he would sit down with both of the KISS icons, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, and revealed how they were acting around other people.

In Albert’s words, Paul thought he is ‘God’s gift’ and most of the time, he would talk about what a great musician he is. On the other hand, Gene was trying hard to act and sound superior for no reason at all.

Furthermore, the iconic drummer pointed out that he had lots of good experiences during their tour with KISS even though there were lots of bad people surrounding them, probably referring to the KISS members.

Additionally, Albert also talked about his experience with Ace Frehley and pointed out that Ace loved to party. Moreover, he added that they would sometimes hang out when they bumped into each other at parties, even after he stopped playing with KISS.

Albert Bouchard said the following on his experience with KISS:

 “You know, I’d be sitting with Paul Stanley, going ‘Wow, this guy, really, he thinks he’s god’s gift… Give it a break, man, don’t tell me how great you are. You don’t see me doing that, we’re all here together…’

And Gene was the same way, he just felt the need to act superior, to sound superior – I don’t know, what is that? Why do people do that?

There were bad experiences with good people but with KISS, it was more of the opposite. Good experiences with bad people.”

Then the interviewer asked:

“Any experience with Ace and Peter?”

To which Albert Bouchard replied:

“Not really with Peter but with Ace, of course, he liked to party, so yeah, he partied a lot, and even after he wasn’t in the group, we’d hang out now and then and party. He’s a cool guy. He’s quite talented actually.”

You can listen to the full interview below.