Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard talked about their tour alongside Black Sabbath back in 1980 during a recent appearance on Full In Bloom.

Black Sabbath released one of the most sold albums of all time, ‘Heaven & Hell’ back in 1980 which featured their new vocalist Ronnie James Dio. After the release of the album, they embarked on a self-titled tour that lasted about a year.

During the tour, Black Sabbath co-headlined with Blue Oyster Cult, and the band members of each band spent a lot of time together behind the stage as well as on the road in-between the shows.

In his latest conversation, Albert shared his experience of playing alongside Black Sabbath and praised Ronnie’s immense talents as a vocalist. Additionally, Albert pointed out that he loved Sabbath and idolized Dio.

Moreover, Albert recalled the time when Dio was playing for The Prophets as a bass guitarist and said that he loved the way Dio played the bass guitar and showed his respect to the late frontman.

Albert Bouchard recalled their unforgettable tour with Sabbath as follows:

I loved Black Sabbath, I idolized Ronnie Dio, but there was a lot of tension, maybe because Sandy had talked them into a co-headlining thing where one day Blue Oyster Cult would headline, depending on the market.”

Then the interviewer asked:

“You knew of Ronnie James Dio back when he was with The Prophets? So, you’re familiar with him through Elf and all that?”

To which Albert replied:

“Yeah, and he played bass. I loved his bass playing, he was a great bass player. Oh yeah, I went to a fraternity party, we were playing in some town in Upstate Newyork – we were playing a fraternity party, and they were playing a fraternity party next door.

So we ran over on our break, and we saw them play the entire ‘Abbey Road’ in order. That was the first time – well, the second time I’d ever seen a band do that, and I was like, ‘Whoah, that was cool!’ They were a terrific band, Elf.”

You can listen to the interview below.