Blue Oyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma recently opened up about how he felt when Metallica covered on of their songs ‘Astronomy’ for their Garage Inc. album back in 1998, apparently, Dharma was flattered by Metallica’s cover.

Astronomy’ is a song by Blue Oyster Cult that has appeared on several of the band’s albums, however, it was first released on their 1974 album named Secret Treaties. Their second live album, Some Enchanted Evening, also included a version with an extended guitar solo, and a third version was included on the Imaginos album.

Arch Enemy used the chorus of ‘Astronomy’ for their song ‘Pilgrim’ from their third studio album Burning Bridges back in 1999. In addition to this, Albert Bouchard’s band the Brain Surgeons recorded the song for their 1997 album Malpractise, also Albert’s post-Brain Surgeons band Ünderbelly released a version of the song in 2011.

However, it was Metallica’s cover version of ‘Astronomy’ which was released in 1998 for their compilation album of cover songs named Garage Inc., that really stood out for the fans.

During a recent interview, Buck Dharma opened up about the cover version of their song and stated that he likes whenever a band covers a Blue Oyster Cult song, however, he flattered especially by a Metallica cover.

Here is what Dharma said:

“Of course, when they covered ‘Astronomy,’ that was very flattering. They did a nice job. I like it when any band covers Blue Oyster Cult, but to have Metallica do it was great.”

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