Blue Oyster Cult vocalist and also the keyboard/synthesizer player of the band, Eric Bloom, was the latest interview guest of ‘Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown’ and talked about the comedy sketch ‘More Cowbell’ which fictionalizes the band’s legendary song named ‘Don’t Fear.’

Eric answered several questions varying from why the band did not put out any new songs in over 20 years to the famous ‘cowbell’ scene. While talking about if they were aware of the SNL sketch before it aired, he also revealed what he thinks of the 50th-anniversary plans.

Bloom stated that they had no idea before the show was released and admitted that he did not find the sketch funny when he first watched it. He also unveiled that he was more shocked than amused for the first time when he saw it. Later on, Eric also shared the story of whether he had any chances to meet Will Ferrell or Christopher Walken. According to Eric, he tried to reach Will Ferrell once in a time but he did not come out.

Here’s what Eric Bloom stated about More Cowbell:

“We did not have any idea, no one told us. I actually happened to be home that Saturday night and saw it live – same as everybody else. When it said ‘Behind the Music – Blue Oyster Cult,’ my jaw dropped. I was a little more shocked than amused, you know?

I didn’t find it funny the first time because I was more shocked. I didn’t find it bad, I was just shocked that somebody was sending us up on SNL. Having seen it about a hundred times since then, I found it very funny. What can I say, it’s become a product of our time now.”

He continued:

“I mean, you’re in Detroit and I’m a car guy, very good friends with a lot of people in the automotive press. And I was reading Autoweek – terrible shame it went out of print.

But I was reading an article that said, ‘This car’s acceleration,’ this car this or that, ‘but however, it needs more cowbell.’

And everybody knows what that means. So that skit has really crossed over into part of the English language.”

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