Bassist Bob Daisley has told Joel Gausten that he had no chance but to return to Ozzy Osbourne’s band back in 1983.

Daisley played the bass, sang backing vocals, and contributed to the songwriting and co-production on ‘Blizzard Of Ozz,’ Ozzy Osbourne’s first album. The bassist also co-wrote all of the songs featured in the band’s next album, ‘Diary Of A Madman.’ However, he and Lee Kerslake were fired before the album’s release. Instead of him, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge received the credits of the album.

Daisley continued working with Osbourne throughout the 1980s. He contributed to the albums ‘Bark At The Moon,’ ‘The Ultimate Sin’ and ‘No Rest For The Wicked.’ He remained on Ozzy’s side until 1991’s ‘No More Tears’ and played the bass on all tracks.

In a recent interview with Joel Gausten, Bob Daisley recalled the time he reunited with Ozzy Osbourne’s band for their third album ‘Bark At The Moon’ in 1983. Back in those days, Daisley was playing with Uriah Heep. In the interview, Daisley claimed that he rejoined Ozzy’s band as he was displeased with his career in Uriah Heep. He then revealed he did not want to go back to Osbourne’s band, but he had no other chance.

In the interview, Bob Daisley said:

“To be honest with you, I didn’t really want to go back to Ozzy, but I kind of had to.

Things weren’t taking off like I had hoped for with Uriah Heep, and it was down to really getting the record company behind it and doing something with it, which they didn’t.

We passed them a really good ball, and they wouldn’t run with it.”

During his conversation with journalist Joel Gausten, Bob Daisley also talked about the passing of Lee Karslake, his career with Uriah Heep, his new project The Upstarts, and the band’s recently released same-titled album.