Ozzy Osbourne bass guitarist Bob Daisley spoke in a recent interview with the Rolling Stone magazine and recalled the time when he was asked to join Black Sabbath.

Back in 1987, Black Sabbath released their thirteenth studio album, named ‘The Eternal Idol,” and their bass guitarist Dave Spitz left due to personal issues. Therefore, Bob Daisley, who was playing with Gary Moore at that time, stood in for bass guitarist.

In the conversation, Bob revealed that Black Sabbath asked him to join them as a permanent member, but he turned down the offer. Later on, Bob explained why he didn’t join such a legendary band.

Bob pointed out that the drummer Eric Singer wasn’t happy with the way the band handled and thinking about leaving the band due to financial and managerial problems. Besides that, the singer Ray Gillen wasn’t happy either.

Therefore, he thought that Sabbath was a sinking ship back in those days and didn’t want to jump into the ship while he was happily playing with Gary Moore because he thought that it wasn’t worth leaving Gary because of Black Sabbath.

Bob Daisley on his time with Black Sabbath via Rolling Stone:

“I wasn’t actually in Black Sabbath. I got a phone call from their producer, Jeff Glixman. He phoned me from Montserrat, where they were recording with Dave Spitz on bass.

He had to go home to take care of some personal issues. And I’d worked with Jeff Glixman when I was with Gary Moore. He phoned me and said, ‘Do you want to do a Sabbath album?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m not doing anything else, so sure.’

I was with Gary Moore at that time. I’d actually joined his band. But I had to some time off and went off to Montserrat to play on the album. And then Tony Iommi and Patrick Meehan asked me to write lyrics.”

He continued:

“I know Ray Gillen had some lyrics down, some lines and bits and pieces. But I wrote most of them. They did ask me to join the band. But Eric Singer was the drummer at the time and I knew he wasn’t happy with the way the band was being handled.

I think the money situation and what was going on managerially… He was leaning towards leaving. I think Ray Gillen wasn’t happy either. I didn’t want to get on a ship that was sinking.

Plus, I was happy working with Gary Moore. It was a prestigious gig since Gary was so well-respected. I loved Gary and I got on like a house on fire with him. We were good mates. I thought, ‘I’m not going to leave that to join Sabbath.’ I turned it down and said, ‘I’ll help you with lyrics. I’ll write them and you just pay me.'”

Later in the interview, Bob also talked about how he ended up joining Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band and mentioned that he was actually waiting for a call from Ronnie James Dio before he joined Black Sabbath, which leads the way through joining Ozzy’s new solo band.