Bob Daisley, who spoke to The Aftershocks Podcast, recalled when he worked for Yngwie Malmsteen for a short time. He revealed why he didn’t accept Malmsteen’s offer when he was asked to join the band.

Bob Daisley had a chance to work with legendary musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Gary Moore, and Yngwie Malmsteen throughout his successful career. His bass skills have been highly appreciated by both critics and the musicians that he has worked with.

Malmsteen was also praised for his skills as a bassist while they were collaborating with Daisley for Yngwie’s fourth studio album entitled ‘Odyssey.’ Daisley played the basses of the album’s tracks, ‘Rising Force,’ ‘Hold On,’ ‘Crystal Ball,’ and ‘Now Is the Time’ after he met with Malmsteen thanks to their mutual producer Jeff Glixman.

Daisley highlighted that Malmsteen was so happy about working with him that he asked him to join his band. However, Daisley refused his offer even though he enjoyed working with him. He explained the reason behind his decision, saying that he wanted to continue to perform and record with Gary Moore.

Daisley said in his interview that:

“I was really temporary with that. I’ve been on the road with Gary, and I saw a friend of mine who’d been a producer on one of the Gary Moore albums, Jeff Glixman, he was the producer on the new Yngwie album.

They asked me to do some tracks on the album, which I did, and I love the stuff. Yngwie is a brilliant player, a great player, and he had good musicians with him too.

They did ask me to join the band, but I turned it down. I said, ‘Look, I’m just here doing this as a sort of a session.’ I love the music. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed working with Jeff Glixman, and Yngwie was great. However, I’m too happy with working with Gary Moore.

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