Bob Daisley spoke to Stefan Adika for Artists On Record and shared details about recruiting the late guitarist Randy Rhoads for Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne‘s band.

After Black Sabbath members fired their singer Osbourne due to addiction problems in 1979, he decided to continue his career as a solo artist. Later, he founded a band named The Blizzard of Ozz with Daisley, Rhoads, and Lee Kerslake, which was eventually known for Ozzy Osbourne’s solo musical journey.

The talented musicians worked and released Osbourne’s two most popular records, ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ and ‘Diary of a Madman.’ In his interview, the bassist remembered the foundation process and hiring Rhoads, recalling when Osbourne stated that he met a guitar teacher.

Osbourne thought about offering him a place in his band, but Daisley was surprised to see a very young man. Their manager David Arden was against working with an inexperienced and unknown guitarist for the Ozzy Osbourne’s band, but he let Osbourne make the call about Rhoads.

Daisley highlighted that since their first jam sessions, both the bassist and Rhoads realized the harmony and one another’s exceptional styles as musicians. It was the beginning of the iconic lineup that would create and perform classic Osbourne songs soon.

About the band’s formation, Daisley recalled:

“It was after that, that Ozzy said to me, ‘I met this other guitar teacher in LA. His name’s Randy Rhoads.’ I said, ‘Well, let’s get him over.’ When he said ‘guitar teacher,’ I envisaged this older guy with pipe, slippers, and a cardigan. David Arden didn’t want to do it because he was in charge of the band at that point.

He didn’t want to fly Randy over. He said, ‘He’s unknown, he’s young, nobody’s heard of him.’ But then, David Arden’s words were, and I still remember, ‘Against my better judgment, I flew him over.'”

He added:

“The three of us caught a train up to Ozzy’s, and we stayed there. We had that first play together in Ozzy’s rehearsal room at his house. As soon as Randy and I started playing together, at the end of the first little knock we had together, we said to each other, ‘Well, great, this is good.’ I said, ‘I like the way you play,’ and he said that to me, almost at the same time, almost the same words. We knew that it was going to happen.”

You can check out the interview below.