Bob Seger spoke in a recent interview with SiriusXM and shared his feelings about the passing of a band member, Alto Reed.

Alto Reed Alto Reed was an American saxophonist who was playing with Seger for a long time. Unfortunately, he lost his fight against colon cancer back in December 2020 and left his legacy in this world.

During the interview, Bob Seger got caught in tears while talking about the last conversation he had with Alto Reed and made the whole community emotional with this memory.

Bob mentioned that Alto was talking about how grateful he is to have a wonderful life and he thought that it was so brave of him. Afterward, Bob pointed out in the conversation that he couldn’t play on the stage without him.

Here is what Bob Seger said in the interview:

“I listened really hard to him. And he said ‘how grateful I am for my wonderful life.’ I thought that was so beautiful, and I thought he was so brave. I don’t think I could go out without him.”

You can check out some of the clips from the interview below.