The official and verified Instagram page of Bon Jovi has uploaded the new photos and celebrated one of the greatest achievements of their careers after the announcement of Ticketmaster’s 2019 Touring Milestone Award winners.

Ticketmaster Awards are a celebration in honor of artists who headlined the biggest tours, rocked the largest stage, and reached the most fans around the world.

In the statement, Bon Jovi announced that they had sold 2 million tickets for This House Is Not For Sale tour and said they won the Ticketmaster Touring Milestone Award.

Here’s what they wrote:

“Over two million tickets sold on our This House Is Not For Sale Tour. Thank you to all of our amazing fans who joined us! @ticketmaster”

A fan named claudinha_m_nobrega commented and said:

“Congrats 💙💙”

Another fan named worldofbonjovi wrote:

“We all love you so much!!💝💝”

See the Instagram post below.