The successful Bon Jovi guitarist, Phil X, has spoken in an interview with No Guitar Is Safe, and he talked about an interesting incident that happened at the concert. He stated that he almost killed someone when he was performing on the stage.

Here’s what he said:

“I almost killed someone on the stage once, accidentally. That particular time when the guitar… I was yo-yoing it, I was trying to spin it around in my hands, we had a dancer on the stage, and as it went around, it just missed her head.

And she was a twin; it was twins, so she wouldn’t have been a twin anymore if I hit her in the face. I want to say that I hurt myself too.”

And also, Phil X has told another one interesting event:

“In one band, we were doing shows with the dancers, we were in the Key Club here, and I would throw the guitar up 20 feet, and it would come down and that would be the final, ‘Thank you, good night.’

Five days later, I was playing, at the time, the Cat Club with The Drills, and the ceiling’s painted black, you can’t see how high it is, and I’m in the finale with The Drills going, ‘Don’t throw the guitar, man, you can’t see the ceiling, it’s a bad thing.’

And then the other half of me goes, ‘Come on, do it.’ I threw the guitar up, and the heel of the guitar hits the ceiling and the guitar ricochets into my face headstock first, hit my eyebrow and then bounced and hit below my eye – could’ve taken my eye out.

And I went to the hospital and got it fixed. It was funny because when you’re on stage there’s so much adrenaline that you don’t feel stuff. Then I felt the trickle of blood on my face and I look at Dan, my bass player, like, ‘Hey, am I bleeding?’, and he’s, like, ‘We should stop.’

So, we go to the ER. They didn’t do stitches; they do, I believe it’s crazy glue, and they patched me up. I did a session the next day and I was wearing the sunglasses, and Josh Freese, the drummer, was, like, ‘Ah, cool guy.’

I’m, like, ‘What?’. ‘Sunglasses inside?’. Then I pull them off and he goes, ‘Were you in a fight?!’.”

You can listen to the full of the interview right below.