Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X spoke in an interview with Music Radar and revealed how he found his own guitar style.

Here’s his advice about the finding your own guitar playing style:

“A piece of advice that I heard once was something that I always applied when I was learning guitar, but it came from a reliable source and so it confirmed and verified my thoughts: your favourite guitar player already exists.

Like mine, when I was young, it was Eddie Van Halen. A lot of people love Steve Vai… A lot of people love Eric Johnson. Those guys already exist. You need to be yourself. You need to have your own identity as a player, which means developing your own sound and inventing your own licks.

I learned early on, when I was 16, 17, I was constantly playing guitar and even when I was doing three 45-minute sets of covers with my band, they would go and party and I would go to my room and would woodshed on my guitar until 5am, and then I’d sleep a little bit, then I’d get up and play all day and do the three 45-minute sets again.

What came out of that was inventing my own licks. I kept on coming up with licks that I didn’t think I had heard before and that developed my own style.”

On most important thing about being a musician, he said:

“Having fun is such an important part of it.  feel like when I walk onstage with my band, or I get up at a jam, or I get up onstage with Bon Jovi in front of 60,000 people, if you’re not having fun then why are you even doing it?

It’s one of those things where I really feel like I’m enjoying myself, and I think the audience feels that. And I’m having fun. When you have fun, the audience has fun. I have great memories of just making eye contact with so many people in the audience and then having a great time, and then feeling, ‘Okay, I’m a part of that. That’s great!’”

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