The iconic singer of his self-titled band, Jon Bon Jovi, posted a behind the scenes photo of himself on Instagram taken during the shooting of the music video for their new song ‘Do What You Can‘ and announced that the video was available on online music platforms.

As you may recall, Bon Jovi previously announced that their fifteenth studio album titled ‘Bon Jovi: 2020‘ was scheduled to be released on May 15, 2020. However, they had to postpone the release date to October 2, 2020, due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

The delay of the album caused Jon to release there were more to add to the album and he wrote in two new songs ‘American Reckoning‘ and ‘Do What You Can‘ at his home studio. The songs covered the outrageous events the world experienced since the beginning of this year.

Recently on Instagram, Bon Jovi posted his photo taken during the shooting of the music clip for the band’s new song ‘Do What You Can.’ On the caption of his post, Bon Jovi mentioned that he was also curious about what the fans thought of their latest music video and wanted them to share their opinions in the comment section.

Here’s what Jon Bon Jovi stated on the caption of his post:

“‘Do What You Can’ music video out now. Here’s a behind the scenes look from the shoot and let me know what you think of the video below.”

You can see the photo Jon Bon Jovi posted on Instagram below.

You can also watch the music video on Youtube below.