Bon Jovi delighted the fans by uploading the remastered version of the legendary song, This Ain’t A Love Song,’ and proved that they are still working to provide the best music taste for their fans.

This Ain’t A Love Song was released back in 1995 from the ‘These Days’ album and listed in the top 100 songs in the year by the many of the countries like Australia, Germany, US Billboard Hot 100, and more.

Due to being the old-made recording, the audience couldn’t listen to the song in the quality of high-definition. Because of that, the band released the remastered version of the song, and it now can be listened to in 1080p quality on Youtube.

Here is the statement from Bon Jovi:

“The music video for This Ain’t A Love Song has been remastered in HD. Check it out on Youtube Music.”

You can check out the post and listen to the song below.