Incubus singer Brandon Boyd, members of Portugal and AWOLNATION recently covered Scorpions‘ iconic song ‘Wind of Change,’ and Boyd admitted that he was intimidated to record the song because it’s one of the most dangerous songs to try.

Scorpions released ‘Wind of Change’ in 1991, making it their power ballad in their eleventh album ‘Crazy World.’ The track took off and became their signature song forever to remind the world of Scorpions.

AWOLNATION and Brandon Boyd recently made a brave move and covered the song with Portugal band members. In January, they released the song and showed a respectable cover, not changing much from the song as a tribute to the iconic band.

In a recent interview, Boyd talked about this cover and revealed that he was intimidated to cover such a well-known song. He stated that certain pieces like ‘Wind of Change’ are dangerous to ‘rethink,’ and because AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno brought such a unique approach, he figured it was ‘safe’ to cover the song.

Here is what he stated about the dangers of covering Scorpions:

“‘Wind of Change’ by the Scorpions. I loved that song growing up. I remember when Aaron from AWOLNATION floated the idea to me. Initially, I was like, ‘I don’t know if we can do that. This is like a modern classic.’ There are certain songs where it’s almost dangerous to try and rethink them.

But Aaron brought such a unique approach to it that it felt like it was relatively safe territory. It’s a relatively challenging song to sing. Especially in the chorus because it’s very big. I feel like if there was an audience in front of us, it might be easier to do, but I was at home by myself. But we figured it out. I think it sounds really cool.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the cover below.