Iconic guitarist of Korn, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, spoke in the recent interview with ‘The You Rock Foundation’ and explained why he left Korn in 2005 by revealing the pathetic life they lived in the past.

In the conversation, Brian stated that they were drinking and taking drugs almost every day, and people were expecting them to be like Mötley Crüe and KISS. However, Brian realized that they would hit bottom if they would continue like that.

Brain said that he didn’t want to raise his daughter, Jennea, in these messy environments and explained that this was one of the biggest reasons why he left the band in 2005.

Here is what Brian Welch said:

“…It’s like, we waited for the weekend all week long when we were young, and now we have it every day, but anything that’s done to excess like that, it’s going to turn around and eat you alive. Our minds, our emotions, our relationships, our creativity, everything suffered.

When you’re there, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re rockstars, we’re supposed to do this. We’re supposed to be a mess.’ People love it too, they love the mess story; ‘Oh, you’re not supposed to have it all together.’

Everyone’s, like, pampering you. You’re given everything on a platter, it’s like, ‘You’re supposed to be messed up and we want to live through you. We want the Motley Crue and the KISS.‘”

Brian continued:

“We got caught in that cycle for a little over a decade until just the bottom fell out, and it was like, ‘If we don’t change, there’s gonna be a messy crash.’

I had – my grandpa, my dad, my brother, me, we all suffered, with addiction, alcoholism; it’s like, if this doesn’t stop, it’s just going to keep going, passing down. I was like, ‘Enough, I’m not having it.’

That’s why I left the band – because I was like, ‘I’m not raising my daughter, Jennea, around that. She’s not gonna grow up and be me or her mom, we’re gonna stop it right now.'”

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