Speaking in an interview by Scott Bowling, Korn’s guitarist Brian Welch revealed why he left Korn in 2005. He said (transcriped by Ultimate-Guitar):

I was getting sick of being in the band. I had no plans to quit, I just thought about it, like how it would be cool to go away. But I didn’t know how to do that, I was just so double minded. And so, when I found myself inside of a church all jacked up on meth, I was like ‘Man, these people are weird, but if they got something I need then I gotta try it.’ And I just thought about being around positive people.

And then I found out that Christ actually came here, in human form that he can just cleanse humanity. He was God before, he came as a man, he was raised to life and because he did that he was able to come and live inside of us and live through us, to help us in our struggles. And that’s what happened.

[My friends and family] thought I lost my damn mind when I turned Christian. Even my parents. They were like ‘Ok, we didn’t know he was on drugs, but what is this brainwashing stuff that’s going on?’ But they came around soon after. But it became real to me. It says that Christ comes and lives inside of you, he actually came and took over and I was just like ‘I surrender, take over.’ I was getting suicidal on everything, so everything changed.

And all those thoughts I had about wanting to leave Korn, it’s like I had the courage to just stand up. Double-mindedness left. I was like ‘I’m gonna leave the band and I’m gonna be a dad and I’m gonna find out what’s up with this faith stuff because it’s real.’ That gave me the power to stand up for myself and my daughter because I was too weak to make a big decision like that. God came and helped me.

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