Korn founder and guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch recently revealed in a conversation with Ola Englund what the vocalist Jonathan Davis confessed about his life and how this affected their music.

Since the beginning of its appearance on the music scene in 1993, Korn has been an impactful nu-metal band that embraces an aggressive style. The group has been considered one of the pioneers of this genre, becoming famous and first gaining recognition in the metal scene with the self-titled debut album in 1994.

The third studio album ‘Follow the Leader‘ brought the group their initial mainstream success in 1998 by reaching number one on various charts. Their success continued with the following record ‘Issues,’ which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

The band’s most recent album ‘Requiem,’ which included singles like ‘Start the Healing’ and ‘Forgotten,’ came out on February 4, 2022. The record has received many positive reviews, and the fans have counted it among the best ones of the band. They have had massive success in the metal scene by reaching many worldwide.

In a recent interview, they talked about reflecting on their aggressive style in their lives. The members mentioned that they took inspiration from other things in their environment if they were not angry. Brian ‘Head’ Welch revealed how Jonathan Davis confessed he was happy and peaceful in his life after a show in the previous days.

When Welch asked him if this state of happiness would affect their songs, Davis responded that there were too many factors to keep their aggressive style going. As Welch stated, movies and series helped them reflect their sound even if they were happy.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch conveyed what Jonathan Davis told him:

“We did a thing in London the other night, and Jonathan was, like, ‘I’m finally happy in life,’ ’cause he just got into a place of peace. And I go, ‘So does that mean Korn records are going to suck now?’ But that’s not how it is. We’re drawn to the dark things in life, all of us. Movies, TV shows… So it’s always going to come out. Even if we’re happy, it’s going to come out.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.