During a recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, AC/DC’s lead singer, Brian Johnson, discussed AC/DC and shared his views on the protagonist of their new album while commenting on Stevie Young’s contribution.

As you probably know, the 17th album of the legendary AC/DC named ‘PWR/UP‘ was released two days ago and it has already become the Number 1 Best-Seller on Amazon.

In a recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, Brian Johnson discussed their new album and revealed the secret hero that contributed to their success. As you may have guessed, the eyes turned towards Stevie Young who took the guitarist position of Malcolm Young, his uncle.

Brian Johnson said that it was a risk, as Malcolm had brought guitar playing to a level that could not be easily achieved, and they did not want to take a step backward by lowering their quality.

Here is what Brian Johnson said about Stevie Young:

“You don’t want to step backward, and I think Stevie’s contribution is the fact that he’s kept up that level. And Stevie, his part in it is to keep that level exactly where Angus and Malcolm always wanted it – you know, the best it could be. I think that’s it, really.”

However, it is clear that Stevie positively surprised them with his talent. His contribution was behind their new album’s huge success, which ultimately makes Stevie the hero of ‘PWR/UP.’

As their new album is in a way a tribute to Malcolm, Angus felt the need to mention Malcolm’s contribution to their writing process. During the interview, Angus revealed that there were a lot of things that they worked on together, which could not be released at the time. Malcolm’s contribution made him a part of all the songwriting of the album, and an unforgettable talent to everyone.

Here is what Angus said about Malcolm:

“We had a massive pile of stuff that the two of us had worked on. Before we had done that album, we had quite a while together writing a lot of stuff together…

At the time, you can only present so much. So, that’s Malcolm’s big contribution. He’s part of all of the songwriting on the album… I still go away humming a lot of ideas that the two of us worked on through the years.”

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