The iconic member of AC/DC, Brian Johnson made a new statement on his own TV show from AXS TV this week.

As interviewing with a famous American journalist, Dan Rather, Brian admitted that he felt terrible because AC/DC was popular in Newcastle.

Here is his statements, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“So I was living with my Mom and Dad, and they didn’t have a record player. So I went oh my god, and I phoned one of the boys from the band I was in, Derek Rootham, who was a guitarist in Geordie too, and I said, ‘You better come down, I’ve got this new album that we did, it’s called Back in Black.”

He continued:

“He went, ‘Alright, is that nonsense not finished yet? We’ve got to get back together again.’ Me old band, and I felt terrible, because we were popular in Newcastle. So I took it down to him, and he went and put it on, and Hell’s Bells was the first one, and I started singing, and he went, ‘No, no, no. It’s too high, they ruined you.’

He said, ‘Oh come on, let’s go for a pint.’ And that was all I hear of it, and I thought oh jeez, everyone is going to hate it, and it’s going to end up being the complete opposite. But it was my first reaction I got from someone else, ‘Nah, it’s too high.’ We’re too high, that is.”

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