Queen’s iconic drummer Roger Taylor interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine and revealed the current status of the band while mentioning the latest health status of the legendary Queen guitarist Brian May who had a serious heart attack last month.

In the conversation, Roger confirmed that the guitarist of the band Brian May had a heart attack, and he knows that Brian is recovering from it because they have been contacting each other daily after the sad incident.

Furthermore, Roger announced that the manager of the band also had a heart attack and showed how bad 2020 is going on for Queen. Also, he admitted that they were terrified after hearing this news in the first place.

Interviewer asked:

“How is Brian doing? I know he had some scary medical issues.”

Here is what Roger Taylor said:

“That’s right. We canceled the tour and then Brian got really sick. We may have had to cancel it anyway, which is the irony. He’s very much on the mend. We’re in daily contact.

It was quite a scare. He had a real scare. It’s been strange. We were struck doubly. Our manager had a pretty major heart attack too. It’s been a very weird year for us in all kinds of ways.”

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