Queen’s Brian May recently apologized to his fans upon receiving a backlash for his album launch.

Queen guitarist Brian May released his debut studio album ‘Back To The Light’ in 1992 in the UK and 1993 in the U.S. The album was his second solo effort outside Queen, and it featured the hits ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ and ‘Driven By You.’ In June 2021, May announced that he would reissue the record as part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series,’ which was released on August 6. 

Soon after the release, the guitarist asked his fans to join his ‘Bri-army’ to promote the album. May then announced that Bri-army’s mission is to get his new album to the top of the charts. Following that, around 10,000 fans joined the Bri-army and showed their sincere support for the musician’s new album.

In his Instagram post, Brian May talked about his new album and said:

“It’s true! This can only be driven by you folks! I can’t get a hit album on my own. What I need is an ARMY!

Although some of May’s fans joined his ‘army,’ some of them thought being called an army is a militarist approach. As a result, those fans felt uncomfortable, and it sparked some backlash over his album launch. Following that, Brian May posted a video on his Instagram where he apologized to his fans.

In the video, the guitarist called himself a commanding officer and said he doesn’t know if things are getting too military. May then claimed he took the Salvation Army as an example for the Bri-army idea. Moreover, he argued that selling his album is a good cause to fight for.

Brian May said in his Instagram video that:

“Hi folks, just wanted to deliver a little update from your commanding officer. Actually, this whole thing maybe is getting a little too military, I don’t know. A couple of people have said to me they feel a little uncomfortable about the army thing, and I understand that.

I guess I have as my example the Salvation Army, who have been fighting poverty for a long time, sometimes you’ve got to fight, but if selling my album isn’t a good enough cause to fight for, then I can accept that.”

You can watch the video Brian May posted on his Instagram below.