Queen guitarist Brian May celebrated another success of the legendary band by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Queen was such a versatile band that they didn’t repeat themselves at all. In fact, they did almost the opposite genre for every record they released, but they still managed to rock the world.

Another One Bites The Dust was such a song that features a disco type of rhythm, but yet it has a lot of rock in it. The song was released with The Game album in 1980, and it becomes of the legendary songs of the band.

As of yesterday, the song reached another milestone after years and it streamed over one million times on Spotify. After this achievement, Brian wanted to share his feelings on social media and showed how proud he is.

Here is what Brian Mays said:

“Wow! Another World Record bites the Dust! Thanks, dear folks for keeping us part of the family.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram