Queen guitarist Brian May took his official Instagram account to share a new post and shared his reaction to the recent success in charts.

Recently, Queen released the remastered version of one of Queen’s best albums that released in 1981, Greatest Hits, which reached to top ten in both US Billboard 200 and UK Albums.

After making a blast from the beginning, most people started to think that they will reach the number one spot, and the iconic guitarist wanted to share his own opinion about these updates.

While Brian was saying that everybody should buy a new copy of Britain’s biggest selling album of all time, he also encouraged his followers to buy a copy of his solo album, Back To The Light.

Brian May wrote:

“Oh! So apparently we are ‘eyeing’ the Number 1 spot with Queen’s Greatest Hits? Well – not saying that would be a bad thing! I think you all might need to order a brand new copy of Britain’s biggest selling album of all time? Right now? Nice in Vinyl or cassette!

And while you’re there, I think you might need to preorder a shiny new copy of that fabulous premiere solo album of that curly-haired guitarist. What was it called? Ah yes!Back To The Light! Ok folks – that’s the end of the hard sell for tonight! Cheers, all!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram