Queen’s Brian May visited the Electric and Musical Industries must commonly known as EMI records and announced that he got signed to the EMI label. The guitarist also mentioned that Queen had also signed to EMI around the 1970s. 

EMI Records is owned by Universal Music Group which is a parent company that owns many small label companies such as G.O.O.D Music. You may have heard of G.O.O.D Music recently because of Kanye West. The singer is signed into that label, and he recently released his album ‘Donda.’ However, currently, he is having problems with Universal Music because he announced that Universal Music Group leaked his album before he wanted to release it. 

Before the current drama with Universal, West had another problem with its other label company EMI. In 2019, the singer sued EMI for trying to keep him signed in the company for a lifetime. EMI countersued the singer claiming that Kanye kept signing extensions to his contracts to stick with the label. Eight months after the lawsuit, both sides agreed to settle, but EMI later decided to open the case again and sue the singer.

This has become a big problem for the singer and the record label, and even though two years passed, nobody forgot the conflict between the two parties. One of those people who didn’t forget was Brian May. In his recent Instagram post, May remembered the time he released his first solo album and thanked EMI records for believing in him at the time. He also mentioned that Kanye West stands in effigy in the label.

Here is what he stated in the caption:

“Dear folks thought you might like to know I visited my record company today. By ‘my’ record company, I’m not saying I own it! It’s the company that kindly put their faith in ‘Back To The Light 2021’ and how satisfying that although the parent company is Universal, I’m now signed to the EMI label – just as Queen was, around 1970. So my album has come full circle, and so, in a sense has EMI.

Do you know what ‘EMI’ stands for? Well, it was quite a surreal experience to sit with – and meet for the first time in person – the good young folks who are now turning the wheels of this historic company. A place where Freddie now stands in effigy beside Kanye West and Taylor Swift! And a very nice mature-looking man introduces himself as the son of one of our favorite recording engineers in the day-a Mr. Etchells, no less.

To celebrate, we had champagne and Prêt à Manger. And an excellent chat about the state of the World and the Music Business, and how Music had come through, despite the Government having totally ignored the plight of our entire community throughout the Covid Era. Yes! It was a jolly moment! Thanks, guys for getting my album out there to an entirely new audience. It’s a thrill. EMI still Rocks! Bri”

EMI was also known as the record label that refused to release the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as a single. This was revealed in the Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and according to the film, EMI wanted to release ‘Killer Queen’ as a single because ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was too long for the radio. 

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