An Instagram fan account dedicated to Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, recently posted a photo of the iconic rockstar with his chef Joe Fanelli and his assistant Paul Prenter that included excerpts from an interview with Brian May in which he discussed how Prenter affected Freddie negatively and encouraged him to go down wrong paths.

Freddie Mercury is without a doubt one of the most famous and appreciated musicians of all time, and although he passed away approximately 30 years ago, the legacy he left behind with his music is still appreciated by millions all over the world. Mercury’s four-octave vocal range and flamboyant stage persona which altered the conventions of a rock frontman are still appreciated by both fans and fellow musicians.

Recently, one of the biggest fan pages dedicated to Freddie posted a photo of him alongside Joe Fanelli and Paul Prenter and included some words by Brian May. Brian May recalled taking this photo back in April 1978 in Amsterdam, at the hotel they used to stay at whenever they went on a tour in The Netherlands.

He first started by describing Joe Fanelli -who was initially Freddie’s friend and then his cook- and praising him for his love and dedication to Freddie. May added that Freddie loved his cooking and really appreciated that even though Fanelli was a vegan, he would cook delicious meals which included meat for Freddie.

Then May went on to talk about Paul Prenter, who is often called Freddie Mercury’s ‘Judas‘ by the rockstar’s fans. As you may recall, Freddie and Prenter had a falling out in 1982 after the release of the band’s ‘Hot Space‘ album with which neither Brian May nor Roger Taylor was happy, and they blamed Prenter for the influence he’d had over the sound.

Things got even worse when Prenter sold a story to a national newspaper after they broke up with Freddie in which he disclosed personal information about his life, relationships, and vices. Brian May referred to these incidents and said that ‘he was responsible for taking Freddie on other paths that […] didn’t end up too well for him.’ May said that although he started out as a personal assistant, he then acquired so much authority that ‘it was no longer good‘ for neither Freddie nor Queen.

Here’s what was written in the caption:

Freddie with Joe Fanelli and Paul Prenter at the Sonesta Hotel in Amsterdam, April 1978.

‘Here we have Freddie in April 1978. I took this photo at the Hotel Sonesta in Amsterdam where we used to stay when we played in the city. When we toured in The Netherlands we always stayed in Amsterdam, such a beautiful city, and we drove for an hour and a half to play in Rotterdam.’ — Brian May.”

This is what Brian May said about Joe Fanelli:

“We have Freddie’s personal assistant at the time, Paul Prenter in the middle, and Joe Fanelli on the right. Joe was a great friend of Freddie and he ended up being Freddie’s chef. Joe was a wonderful person and had very good character. He was a declared vegan, but he cooked all of Freddie’s meals, which usually contained meat. It was said that he cooked very well and he still seems incredible to me to dedicate himself to that. He was quite young when he left his life in the Midwest of the United States to join Freddie, but he was cultured and kind and loyal to the end. What a good man Joe Fanelli was.”

Here’s is what he went on to say about Paul Prenter:

“Many things can be said of Paul Prenter, but I’ll be brief. He was responsible for taking Freddie on other paths and it would be fair to say that we didn’t end up too well for him. He began as a personal assistant to assist staff from all over the group, but a time came when it was no longer good for us.”

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