Brian May, the British icon and the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen, has praised the touring guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, by calling her a monster in playing while celebrating her next project.

Reposting the announcement video of Nita Strauss about her upcoming performance in this NFL season, Brian May said that Nita is an incredible talent. May recalled the time when they first met at the Sydney Fire Fight concert a few months back when Nita played with Alice Cooper.

Brian May said that he is honored as Nita Strauss played a part in ‘We Will Rock You’ in the video she shared and thanked May for making the best stadium anthems. Strauss said in her post that she couldn’t think of a more fitting song to play in the new stadium while announcing that she will be at all the Los Angeles Rams home games this season.

Will be playing along with DJ Mal-Ski, Nita stated that, with no fans in the arena, they are going to do everything they can to make it awesome and high energy feels for the players and people watching at home.

Here is how Brian May reacted to the announcement of Nita Strauss:

“Go, Nita! I’m honored! Nita is a monster guitarist – I was happy to meet her at the Sydney Fire Fight concert a few months back when she played with my ol’ buddy Alice Cooper. Go, Nita!!!

You can see the post of May, which includes Nita’s announcement, below.