Queen lead guitarist Brian May spoke to BBC Radio and opened about late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s characteristics saying that he pretended to be Led Zeppelin’s lead vocalist Robert Plant.

As you probably know, Queen has become a cult band in the rock scene with their iconic records, astonishing stage performances, and bold style. They sold millions of records and hit the charts all around the world.

The main reason behind that great success and popularity was the band members’ unique talents, especially Freddie Mercury’s. Even though most people regarded him as a very confident person, Brian May revealed that he was very shy and insecure about himself all the time.

During his recent interview, May highlighted that Mercury hid his shyness all the time and acted like he was Led Zeppelin’s frontman, Robert Plant. However, his old friend and bandmate stated that Freddie was a shy boy, but he rebuilt his character like a warrior.

May said in his interview that:

“Well, you see, Freddie is different levels too because on one level, yes, he was always a rockstar, he was singing in Kensington Market, going around and calling anyone he met, just generally being a flower, a very confident…

He behaved as if he was Robert Plant at the time and nobody minded him because he just had that aura about him but underneath it – no – massive insecurity, massive shyness, right to the end.

He had a very private side to him. He faced up to his insecurities by building himself in the way he wanted to be. He’s a very self-made creature. If you peeled up all the layers of the onion, you would find a lot of complexity, a lot of which he denied, which is smart.”

He added that:

“People would ask, ‘Is your music important, Freddie?’ He would say, ‘No, I don’t think my songs are worth anything.’ But underneath that, yes, of course, he felt he had the stuff to say. And also the obliqueness of some of his early lyrics is very fantasy, it’s very fairies and ghouls and goblins…

However underneath that, even at that time, there was a lot of personal meaning in those lyrics, I think. Something we haven’t talked about, we didn’t do that in Queen.

However I feel very strongly Freddie was always expressing himself in rather daring ways, and inside of those was a very insecure person. But on the outside, he was a warrior, so he was building himself into it.”

You can listen to the interview below.