After sharing a tribute video for Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday, Queen’s guitarist Brian May shared another post on Instagram and opened up about why the late singer’s birthday is a day of darkness and regret for him.

As you may know, it was Freddie Mercury’s birthday yesterday. Even though 30 years passed since he died, the sadness of him being gone is still in there for most of his friends, fans, and loved ones. On his birthday yesterday, a lot of people and organizations paid their tributes for the late singer. Mercury’s YouTube channel teamed up with the AIDS organization that was founded in his name and released a video on their YouTube channel.

His bandmates Roger Taylor and Brian May also shared posts of Freddie Mercury remembering him on his birthday. While Taylor posted a black and white photo of Mercury and himself, May made a fan art completion of his favorite drawings of the singer and made everyone emotional.

Later, the guitarist posted a photo of Mercury and stated that his birthday isn’t a day of celebration for him because it always brings him darkness and memories of regret. May stated that the portrait he shared proves that Freddie will always be a star that reached everyone around the world.

Here is what he stated in the caption:

“Sitting here wondering how to wind up this day. To be honest, 5th Sept is not a day of celebration for me. it’s always tinged with darkness and unresolved feelings of regret. But this beautiful new portrait of Freddie by my dear friend Chiara reminded me that Freddie’s star still burns bright and who could have imagined that his light would reach every corner of this crowded world.”

In the post, he continued by paying his respects for the passing of Sarah Harding. Harding was a singer in the band Girls Aloud and she passed away on Mercury’s 75th birthday from advanced breast cancer. May stated that he can understand the sadness of her bandmates very well and reminded everyone to live their lives to the fullest.

Here is how he continued his caption and mentioned Harding’s death:

“In the midst of it all, another great sadness, a young and beautiful talent – Sarah Harding – struck down in the prime of her life. Sending love to her bandmates tonight. I know how that feels. And heartfelt condolences to her family and friends, including you, dear Talia, I know you were very close.

And so another night comes down on this side of the planet – and another dawn is on the way, another day, another sunrise to be grateful for. Onwards, dear folks. Let’s not waste a second. Bri.”

The fans expressed their emotions and stated that their certainty that Freddie Mercury and Sarah Harding are partying together somewhere above. They spoke about the art and showed their belief that Mercury’s star will never stop shining.

You can see the artwork Brian May posted below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram Page