The iconic guitarist of Queen, Brian May, took to his official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed his reaction to the new drawings about himself.

As you can see in the picture below, one of the Queen fans drew a comic of Brian while he was on the stage and playing his guitar, and he was trying to hold the hands of the legendary frontman of the band, Freddie Mercury, who appeared like an angel.

Brian wanted to thank the artist who made this artwork and showed how much he is impressed by these drawings. Brian stated that he was so touched and fascinated after seeing these artworks and said that he is so lucky to have this kind of fan base.

Over 200K people pushed the like button of Brian’s post less than eight hours and the count is still rising. Also, most of them headed to the comment section to share their reactions about these great pieces of artwork.

Here is what Brian May captioned:

“I’m always fascinated by the amazing Bri-Art that appears on IG. And I feel very privileged and flattered to be the inspiration for it.

I was especially touched by the first one here – from Ronnie – showing a young Freddie ghost/angel with a young me – doing what we do these days on stage… Well, what we did before COVID-19 brought humanity to its knees.

I actually love all of these – how lucky am to see myself through the eyes of artists! Thanks so much, guys – and thanks to Sarah Rugg – a very fine artist herself – for finding most of these.”

You can check out the post below.