The legendary band Queen’s guitarist, Brian May, recently shared a video of himself on his official Instagram account, talking about his feelings and what he thinks of funerals after having a heart attack.

Brian May recently was hospitalized due to a gardening accident and he had a rip in his gluteus maximus. While he was recovering, he was in so much pain that he thought it was because of his injury.

However, when he went to the hospital and had another MRI scan, he found out he had a compressed sciatic nerve. He also found out that he had a heart attack due to having three congested arteries.

In the video, he talked about his feelings after having a heart attack, as transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“I am overwhelmed. I am really more than touched by a torrent of love and the support that’s come back at me after incredible coverage in the press. I really didn’t expect all that. As you can see I am okay.”

He thanked all of his fans for showing love and support:

“My email box […] is so full of incredible messages. I will never ever be able to thank you all individually. So let me please, at least thank you here.”

He also shared his thoughts on funerals and how he felt while reading the whole comments and messages he got from the fans after having a heart attack. Here’s what he said on it:

“This is going to sound really strange but I sort of feel like I died and yet I was able to come to the funeral and see all the tributes and stuff. I often think that at funerals.

All these people say these wonderful things about the person that is gone but he can’t hear it or she can’t hear it. So I’m lucky, I got to hear it. My life is complete.

He ended the video assuring his fans that he was fine:

“I’m pretty good today, coming on. And I’m taking it easy, taking all the right things and do the physio and all the rest of it. So I’m going to be fully functional pretty soon.”

His fans were leaving lovely messages for him.

A fan named itsfreddiedarlings said:

“I am so so happy that you are feeling well!!! I saw a photo of you earlier and it made me cry, you looked so ill! but I’m so glad your well now ❤️sending love and hugs to you Brian, I love you!”

Chrissy said:

“Bri you are loved! Please know you will always have our support! So glad to know you are getting stronger and feeling better!! ❤️❤️❤️xxx”

You can click here to see Brian May’s Instagram post.