Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May recently posted a new photo on his verified and official Instagram page and shared his anger about the fake products on social media.

As you might read the photo’s caption below, Brian May stated that all the ‘Queen 50th Anniversary Shirts’ on social media are fake.

Brian May also warned fans not to buy these products. Here is what Queen legend said:

“Now here’s a REALLY bad fake!!! Do not be fooled !!!

This is fraudulent. And also crap!!! Where is Truth? Bri.”

A user named queenlambertfan asked:

“So none of all that 50th anniversary shirts are truth??😱💚”

Another user, scapergal responded:

“@queenlambertfanMost of the ads on IG is from China and you pay top dollar for junk. It’s a rip-off. If you want the real deal go to the Queen official web site.👍”

You can see the photo right below.