Queen Star and also a co-founding member, Brian May, was recently interviewed by Sunday Express and revealed his favorite song on ‘Queen’s Greatest Hits’ which was released earlier this month.

You might know that Queen released the remastered version of the original edition of ‘Greatest Hits’ which was released back in 1981 and the album is now available on every streaming platform including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. While the signed and colored cassettes are still available on Queen Store, Brian May was asked to choose the best song of the album.

In the interview, Brian stated that it’s so tough to pick one song in the whole Queen discography. However, if he would choose, he would pick ‘We Will Rock You’ which was written by Bri himself and recorded by Queen for their 1977 album named ‘News Of The World.’

Here is what Bri said in the interview:

“Oh, it’s very hard to say. What’s my favorite? I don’t know if I do have favorites. If I was being very…allowing myself to be partisan, probably would be We Will Rock You. Because it sort of says everything in a short time and it’s something that’s always worked for us.”

You can listen to the legendary song of the band below.