Queen guitarist Brian May revealed the band’s song in which the late frontman Freddie Mercury reflected on the things that he went through in his life during his recent interview with Uncut.

‘Sheer Heart Attack’ is the third studio album of Queen, released on November 8, 1974. The band changed to more pop-centric and conventional rock tracks, making the record very popular and a Queen classic. The album produced several hits that are listened to worldwide.

One of its tracks, ‘In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited’ was Mercury’s early attempt to create a song that the audience would sing along to, and it served as a set-closer for years. In addition, his bandmate and friend May stated that the track was based on Mercury’s problems in his life and relationships.

May emphasized that Mercury questioned his fluid sexuality many times, making it hard to share his ideas and experiences while writing songs. According to May, ‘In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited’ was one of the songs that the fans could understand his struggles.

The Queen guitarist stated in his interview that:

“In the beginning, a lot of his writing was very fantastical, but underneath, I think he was pouring his heart out. Freddie was struggling with various things at various times, and we all know that his sexuality was quite fluid. It was hard for him to express. I think you can hear him in this song, struggling with his relationships, putting them into words and music.”

You can check out the song below.