Queen’s Brian May recently posted photographs of their recent show on his Instagram and talked about how crazy it is that they still get to be this big. He addressed the zone he entered during these shows and played his instrument instinctually.

Formed in 1970, Queen began his musical journey with shows that have become a massive deal for their fans and the world. Their entire setlist is word by word memorized by the fans as their songs have become an inspiration for everyone around the world.

Undoubtedly, Freddie Mercury’s role in establishing such fame was huge. After his unfortunate death in 1991, the remaining band members had to get used to their life without him. Though the band is not releasing new Queen songs with Adam Lambert, they have been touring the globe with him since 2011.

Their shows are still outstanding, and recently Brian May opened up about how insane the live shows are even after over 50 years of their formation. He stated that he goes into a state of delirium and that his fingers start playing the instrument instinctively. He shared these feelings and thoughts by posting some pictures that captured the explosions onstage perfectly.

Here is his caption of May’s IG post:

“Thilo Rahn has given us a different viewpoint on those explosive moments! Thanks, Thilo! And thanks to all of you in the O2 Thursday night, packing it to the rafters and making it rock to its foundations! I’ve been silent since then, enjoying a blessed day of rest after performing effectively 8 shows in 9 days.

After that, including the massive stress of the Jubilee love show, and a night of filming our own show, I can tell you most of my body hurts, and there’s a kind of delirium that sets in.”

He added:

“Sometimes I’m looking at my fingers in the middle of a solo and wondering what they’re doing! But I’m reaching out for the exceptional moments, and my application to training over the last couple of years, while we were all denied live performance, has paid off.

If I were 50 years younger, this tour would still be an insane schedule but right now? Well, we’re all totally on it! Ready to rock Birmingham! Tonight! Yeeeeeeay! Bri”

You can see May’s IG photo below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram