During a recent interview with Loudersound, Queen co-founder and guitarist Brian May talked about how it felt like being in such an iconic band and revealed whether he struggled or actually enjoyed it while drawing on the secret personality of Freddie Mercury.

As you know Queen was formed in 1970 by Brian May, Freddie Mercury, and Roger Taylor, and John Deacon was added to the band’s line-up just a year later. There is no need to discuss the great worldwide success that the band achieved as they still have millions of devoted fans all over the world.

However, all fans know that Queen members went through some tough times together, and their relationship with each other was not always great. During a recent interview, Brian May admitted that although being a member of the band was fun at times, it was also tough because each of them tried to create their own separate identity ‘within the identity of the group.’

Thus, feeling unheard while discussing a decision would anger them, even more, and encourage them to be ‘dogmatic and uncompromising.’ These seem to have been the reasons why Queen members often fought and although Freddie Mercury is often considered to be quite spontaneous and uncompromising, it was actually him that kind of kept the band together and helped his friends find a middle ground.

Brian May recalled a day back in 1980 when they were recording their eighth studio album ‘The Game.’ He said that he remembers walking around the English Garden in Munich thinking that he’s done with Queen and that he won’t record another album with the band again. However, he always found a reason to go back to the studio and make some more music.

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“Being in Queen seemed to be a heavy burden for you at certain points. Did you actually enjoy it?”

To which Brian May responded:

“It’s tough – because you’re always struggling to make your own identity work within the identity of the group. If you’re in a situation and you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, it’s very negative – it motivates you to be mean and dogmatic and uncompromising and resentful.

We all felt like that at various times. I know Roger felt it, John [Deacon] did as well. Freddie… I don’t know. Freddie was always a cup-half-full person. A cup-completely-full person, really.

But we all left the band at various points in various album sessions. I remember being in Munich, when we were doing ‘The Game,’ I think, walking around the English Garden, thinking, ‘This is over. I’m never going to do this again.’ And then you get back in there and you put your gloves back on.”

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