Queen guitarist Brian May posted a sneak peek of the new episode of the video series about Queen’s album ‘Made In Heaven’ in a recent Instagram post. In the video, the guitarist revealed that he was afraid of hearing Freddie Mercury’s voice following his death.

After working with Freddie Mercury for many years in Queen, Brian May was shaken after the iconic frontman’s death on November 24, 1991. Following Mercury’s tragic passing, May fell into a pit of despair, and he struggled to deal with his grief.

Continuing his musical career to focus on work as a form of self-prescribed therapy, Brian May released his solo album ‘Back To The Light’ in 1992. In 1995, Queen also released a tribute album to Freddie Mercury named ‘Made In Heaven,’ featuring the musical material that Mercury left behind.

In a video series released on Queen’s YouTube channel, Roger Taylor and Brian May revealed their insights about the ‘Made In Heaven’ album and the effects of Freddie Mercury’s death on them. In his recent Instagram post, May shared a teaser from the new episode.

Talking about the aftermath of Mercury’s death, Brian May stated in the video that his grieving process was quite long, and he didn’t want to hear or say anything about Queen at that time. Moreover, the guitarist said he didn’t want to deal with Freddie Mercury’s voice, and he was reluctant to listen to their musical efforts with the singer.

The caption of Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“New episode of Queen The Greatest!

‘Queen 1995: Made In Heaven.’

‘I think I was reluctant to get back into opening those boxes and dealing with Freddie’s voice there. And it was tough, to begin with.’ Brian May.

This week we head back to 1995 to look at Queen’s fastest-selling and most successful studio album to date – ‘Made In Heaven,’ which was lovingly put together by Brian, Roger, and John using Freddie’s last ever vocal recordings.”

You can watch the full video of ‘1995 Queen: Made In Heaven, Episode 41’ below.