Queen guitarist Brian May criticized the journalist that claims he has double basements in his houses by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Recently, there was a huge natural disaster in London, England, and the whole city faced a flood that damaged the buildings. One of the victims of that unfortunate event was Brian May, who got a black sludge on his bottom floor due to the flood.

Later on, a journalist named Rachel Johnson claimed that Brian May whining about the flood because he has double basements. However, Brian May turned all the claims from the journalist and said that he doesn’t even have a single basement.

As Brian said in the post, he has only a lower ground floor, which is half a floor below the street level, and it is the original design of the house. Also, Brian pointed out that he would never add extra basements in his house that will be torturing his neighbors.

Brian May said:

“I have no idea who Rachel Johnson is – but someone should tell her (on Twitter) that if she’s gonna be a clever tweet she needs to get her facts straight. I have never had a double basement or even a single one.

I have a lower ground floor which came with the house. If that needs explanation, it sits about half a floor below street level, while the upper ground floor sits just above it. That’s the way these houses were designed in the last century.

In contrast, many of the basements added over the last few years project two or even three stories into the ground and cause severe disruption to the water table and the area’s ability to drain surface water.”

He continued:

“I would never put my neighbors through the four-year Hell of adding a basement as an extension to an existing property.

People who do this are a menace to decent residents. Kensington has been wrecked by the RBKC’s policy of allowing these works to compromise our quality of life. If you want to do some good in the world, Ms. Johnson, why don’t you redirect your smart comments towards the borough council.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram